Press Accreditation

African Fashion Week Houston’s Communications Department is responsible for all media inquiries and press accreditation requests. All press accreditation requests are subject to approval. Please complete the application below to apply for your official African Fashion Week Houston 2018 Press Pass.


  • One (1) representative from each media organization will submit a request on the behalf of all potential representatives looking to cover AFWH 2018.

  • If accepted,  you will receive an official digital confirmation notice from our team via e-mail at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of the fashion week series.

  • You must print or present the notice on your digital device during media check in on the first day of the fashion week (Monday, September 18th, 2018) in order to redeem your press pass.

  • All approved representatives of media will be given access to African Fashion Week Houston 2018 events approved for coverage once your application has been accepted.

  • We will begin to send all media confirmation notices at least thirty (30) days prior to the start of African Fashion Week Houston, or sooner.

  • Please ensure that you can provide credible references/examples of work (website, article, blogs, portfolio, letter from commissioning editor, etc.) so that our team can determine your participation in African Fashion Week Houston 2018.

  • Forms without links to fashion or lifestyle coverage WILL NOT be considered.

  • If you are a member of a major media organization (i.e. ABC, CBS, Houston Chronicle, Houston Press, etc.), in addition to completing this form, please send a direct confirmation e-mail to Ivy Okoro (Communications Director) at or

  • Your information will be used to add you to the official to the African Fashion Week Houston media mailing list.

  • Press passes DO NOT include access to parties. Party tickets sold online here.

Press Accreditation Application Form

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FAQs for Media & Press

Q. Who can apply for Press Accreditation to attend and cover African Fashion Week Houston?

A.  Member of the media who represents established, emerging or freelance print and digital publications, radio, and television as an executive,  journalist, blogger, editor, videographer, photographer, etc. All applicants are subject to full review and approval prior to attending African Fashion Week Houston 2018.

Q. Is there an application fee?

A. No.

Q.What are the dates for African Fashion Week Houston?

A. Monday, October 22, 2018 - Sunday, October 28, 2018

Q. What are the official venues for African Fashion Week Houston 2018?

A. Please refer to our events page for a listing of our fashion week events, or you may request a PDF copy via email at

Q. If I submit an application, will I be on the press list?

A. All applications must be reviewed by our communications team. If approved, you will be notified by our team via e-mail. Press passes for approved media will be available on site during African Fashion Week Houston 2018

Q. Are press passes valid for all AFWH events, including fashion shows and parties?

A. The press passes are valid for access to cover all fashion shows and educational events only. They are NOT valid for free access to parties. Party tickets are sold online.

Q. How many people can be accredited from each press organization?

A. A maximum of two (2) representatives per organization.  Should any additional individuals need to be present to cover the event, please send a request to once you have completed an application for your organization.

Q. Will you cover travel expenses for members of the press?

A. No, we DO NOT cover travel expenses for members of press.

Q. When can I expect to receive my press pass?

A. Press passes are emailed starting 30 days before the event.

Q. If my credentials are not approved, can we still attend AFWH 2018?

A. Yes, tickets are available for purchase at .


Your AFWH 2018 press credentials will permit you to the following:

  • Prior access to the official 2018 African Fashion Week Houston Event Preview Presentation via email (in PDF Format)

  • Priority Seat approved for Media

  • Designated space for Filming & Photography

  • One-on-one interview opportunities with notable figures, designers, models, government officials, sponsors, celebrities, AFWH executives, etc. - *NOTE: At their discretion and with our approval.

  • Shared drive or cloud access to media resources related to African Fashion Week Houston 2018 (i.e. press releases, approved photos and video, list of participants - including sponsors, VIP, celebrities, etc. )

  • Red Carpet Coverage Access

  • Complimentary refreshments (if available at designated events, but not guaranteed)

For additional information, questions and request, please contact:


1 (800) 920-4655, Ext. 6

Kindest Regards,

African Fashion Week Houston

Communications Department



African Fashion Week Houston

P.O Box 460821

Houston, TX 77056