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AFWH 2019 Model Call

African Fashion Week Houston Model call

Sunday August 11 2019


Soundbox Studios 3300 Chimney Rock Rd Suite 500, Houston, TX 77056
Requirements:Comp Card or Headshot & Bodyshot pictures required.
Females: Must be 5’8” or taller barefoot. Sizes: 2 to 10. Tank Tops or Fitted T-shirt | Fresh Face | 4+ Inch Heels | Hair Pulled Back or in a Bun.
Males: Must be 5 feet 10 inches taller, fitted shirt and pants with black shoes
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Terms & Conditions

  • Each model is requested to submit at least one full length picture upon request.

  • If you are 17 and under you will be required to provide written permission from a parent/legal guardian.

  • All models must adhere strictly to all regular scheduled appointments, interviews, deadlines, briefing, rehearsals, fittings and other matters relating to the show. 

  • There will be at least two (2) rehearsals prior to the event. Models will be assigned to one of the two rehearsals. Attendance at one of the rehearsals is mandatory.

  • Each model needs to arrive promptly at the call time given,  prior to the show to which she is assigned, and must stay until the show ends.

  • The Officers of Fall of Signature Essence reserves the right to withdraw models from the fashion show for non-attendance or non-adherence to the scheduled meeting dates and times.

By completing this application form, I undertake that all information and data provided are true and correct and agree to abide to all terms and conditions and the submission deadlines of the fashion show as stated by the officers of Fall of Signature Essence.


Interns & Volunteers

Interns & Volunteers are a big part of African Fashion Week Houston's success. Job Descriptions Include:

Executive Assistant/Personal Assistant to CEO

As the Executive/Personal Assistant Intern to the CEO of African Fashion Week Houston, you will oversee all company-related responsibilities and personal needs. This position would also support executive team when necessary. This person should be able to keep executive’s ever-changing calendar current at all times while keeping his schedule as productive and efficient as possible. This person should be able to work independently on projects and prioritize incoming requests and tasks. This person is reliable and is able to maintain confidentiality. Professional and polite phone demeanor and writing skills are essential. This person will have the ability to identify and anticipate needs, manage time well, and adapt to different roles. This is a fast-paced environment and would require someone who has experience moving quickly and efficiently. Great communication and organization are essential to the success of this position.

Digital Media Intern

Social Media Coordinator

As a Digital Media Intern for African Fashion Week Houston, you will be responsible for helping to oversea all of African Fashion Week Houston’s digital and social media campaigns before, during and after the annual fashion week season. Our digital media interns are emerging young professionals who use their creative and tech-savvy skills to help expand our digital reach and influence around the world using the latest software, apps, notable web platforms and presentation series. In addition, as a digital media representative, you will be responsible for being aware of the latest trends and happening in the world of fashion -- including seasonal and local events, notable and emerging fashion designers, peaking trends in the world of fashion, art, culture, and international affairs. Must have basic knowledge of how to utilize various social media platforms for business and target audience purpose (i.e. Facebook, Snapchat, Instagram, etc.), and knowledgeable on how to write captions and hashtags for blogs, social media and digital media release. In addition, as a member of the digital media team, our interns will be responsible for ensuring that all social media platforms are up to date, active and engaging to ensure that AFWH exceeds quarterly milestones set.

Public Relations Intern\Volunteer

Communication Coordinator

As a Public Relations Intern for African Fashion Week Houston, you will be responsible for supporting the internal and external communication affairs for our annual fashion series before, during and after fashion week. You will support the company’s advancement to connect, maintain and establish critical relationships with media and press outlets, fashion companies, fashion designers, models, charitable organizations, colleges and universities, etc., while representing the company’s vision, brand and affairs both locally and globally, and online. Our public relations team understands the African Fashion Week Houston brand, and how to advance the mission, vision and initiatives of our company to various entities. The representative is someone who knows to utilize their communication skills to communication skills to establish credible opportunities for the company to be featured on various media outlets, engage with local and international public affairs offices, connect prospective participants for AFWH to the various departments throughout our company, and monitor all trends and activities related to AFWH’s image and reputation online, offline, and behind closed doors.

Executive Administration Intern

Personal Assistant to VPs

As an Executive Administration Intern with African Fashion Week Houston, you will support the internal and external communication and transactions for our administrative and/or business affairs related to African Fashion Week Houston’s upcoming season for our various departments and platforms -- including Sponsorship & Fundraising, Operations, Scheduling, Customer Service, Project Management Solutions, Inventory, Budgeting, etc. Executive Administration interns are individuals who possess strong organizational skills, applies their academic knowledge to create viable solutions for managing various transactions, communication exchanges, accounting, budgeting, evaluation of applications received for various departments, etc. In addition, the Executive Administration intern should have strong organizational and management skills that will assist them with managing high volumes of transactions throughout various segments of the upcoming fashion week season.

Model Coordinator Intern\Volunteer

As a Model Coordinator Intern for African Fashion Week Houston, you will support and lead all transactions related to the recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, and confirmation of all participating models for African Fashion Week Houston and our pre-AFWH events, partnership, photoshoots and collaborations in which models will be needed. A Model Coordinator will need to have general knowledge of how to collect necessary data on various models - including their height, clothing sizes, general measurements, physical features, shoe size, contact information, and scheduling restrictions. Our interns will create opportunities to be a part of fashion industry related event, seminars and meetings that will help to build AFHW’s database of potential models to work with. In addition, our model coordinating team will work very closely with our fashion designer coordinating team to ensure that that selected models for various shows, photoshoots, special projects and campaigns will fully match the requirements needed for a successful launch. All coordinators must have good communication, work well under pressure and remain professional in all scenarios that they are met with.

Fashion Designer Coordinator Intern\Volunteer

As a Fashion Designer Coordinator Intern for African Fashion Week Houston, you will support and lead all transaction related to the recruiting, onboarding, scheduling, and confirmation of all participating fashion designers for African Fashion Week Houston and our pre-AFWH events, partnerships, photoshoots and collaboration in which fashion designers will be needed. The fashion designer coordinator intern will work very closely with our management team to screen fashion designers for consideration into our various showcases before and during African Fashion Week Houston . As applications are received, you will be responsible for making immediate communication with prospective parties, assigning applicants into the proper categories for showcase, and ensuring that they have submitted all required materials and payments towards participation. In addition, our fashion designer coordinators will help AFHW with scouting for notable and emerging fashion designers who have recognizable talent and influence for the AFWH runway, both locally and internationally. Furthermore, our fashion designer coordinator intern will work very closely with our model coordinator team members to ensure that the pool of fashion models recruited will be a good fit for the submitted collections from the our fashion designers. Our coordinators must possess strong communication and organizational skills, have the ability to work under occasional pressure, and have a positive attitude while representing African Fashion Week Houston at all times.

Event Logistics Intern\Volunteer

The Event Logistics Intern is a critical member of the African Fashion Week Houston team responsible for supporting the logistics team with the overall coordination, planning, scheduling and communication of all African Fashion Week related events - before, during and after the annual showcase. As a Events Logistics intern, you will support the management team with all phases of the event planning, including the contributions towards event location, contract negotiations, partnerships and parties involved, the event’s purpose and theme, budgeting, inventory, programing, etc. In some cases, the event logistics intern may be assigned to focus one segment of an event’ project to ensure the that quality of the event is enforced. As an intern, you will have the opportunity to engage with vendors, prospective partners, outside organizations, students, and other groups or individuals who will add value to the event. All interns must possess strong communication, organizational and management skills, have the ability to work on a high volume of transaction at various periods of a project, arrive on time for all scheduled meetings, and remain calm under pressure. It is highly recommended that onboarding event logistics interns have some background in utilizing various types of programs and software that will support management and documentation efforts of the intern’s job performance.

Photography & Film Intern

As a Photography & Film Intern for African Fashion Week Houston, you will have the opportunity to give the most exclusive and up-to-date coverage of the fashion week series on the runways, at events, and behind the scenes. Our video and film media interns serves as the eyes of our organization, and knows precisely how to the capture the most important moments of the fashion week. The video & film team will report the the Creative Director and the Director of Communications for African Fashion Week Houston. As an intern, you will need to know how to utilize your camera and video equipment for various types of coverage. It is important that our intern has the ability to arrive on time for all assignments, and take direction and constructive criticism. Our interns will have the opportunity to work on a diversified range of projects that will help to expand their professional portfolio for their career. In addition, the photo and film intern will work closely with our digital media and public relations team towards various campaigns and important photo ops.

Branding Coordinator

Brand managers are responsible for ensuring that the AFWH products, services and product lines that fall under their domain resonate with current and potential customers, vendors and patrons. To do so, these professionals continuously monitor marketing trends and keep a close eye on competitive products in the marketplace. They also regularly meet with clients and senior management, and they oversee a team of junior marketers.

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