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Designer Application Terms & Conditions


  • I agree that participation is based upon review and approval by the Designers Committee.
  • I agree to pay the appropriate Participation Fee by September 7, 2018.  I acknowledge that failure to make the payment by this date will result in the removal of my line from AFWH 2018.

  • I acknowledge that the Participation Fee and any other fee I pay is non-refundable.

  • Participation includes a show slot with the standard stage, sound and lighting equipment. Allocation of the show slot is at the discretion of the Designers Committee.

  • Models, hair and makeup services will be provided by AFWH 2018. If I intend to use my own model, hair and/or makeup services, I acknowledge that I must submit the request to the Designer Coordinator by August 14th, 2018 for consideration by the Designers Committee.  

  • I agree to abide by established times for scheduled appointments, interviews, deadlines, briefing, rehearsals, fittings, special appearances and other matters relating to the show. I acknowledge that the AFWH 2018 has the right to terminate my participation in the show for violation of this requirement.  

  • I agree to provide FOSE the following documentation for consideration of this application at the same time of submission of the application.

a. A portfolio of garments or accessories created in the last 24 months.

b. Copies of past press and/or tear sheets of media coverage.

c. High resolution professional photos.

d. Images (photos or illustrations) of 10 proposed looks/pieces/garments for your AFWH 2018 runway presentation

e. A brief biography of the designer and label (directing AFWH to my website is not sufficient to fulfill this requirement).

  • I acknowledge that AFWH is authorized to use photos submitted with the application for any promotional purposes. AFWH reserves the right to use all images derived in any form during or from the event and to transform the same into any or all forms of media currently in existence or yet to be created.
  • I agree that I have legal rights to use the images used in the ad space or fashion show space in AFWH I have purchased. I further agree that by sending my materials for print and/or online advertisement with AFWH, I have granted AFWH the license to use for promotional purposes free of charge.

  • I acknowledge that I will have my own assistants to ensure all garments are hung properly, taken care of, and to assist with dressing the models at AFWH.

  • I agree and acknowledge that I undertake to attend AFWH 2018 at my own expense. AFWH may be able to arrange special discounted airfare, hotel and freight services, for which I may be eligible at my own expense.

  • Rolling racks and hangers will be provided. Please inform AFWH of how many racks and hangers you will need by making a request to  

  • If I reside in Houston, Texas, I agree to attend mandatory scheduled fittings and dress rehearsals. If I reside outside of Houston, TX, I agree to attend the mandatory scheduled rehearsal prior to the event, in which my designs will be present for  fittings and rehearsal with the models.

  • I acknowledge that AFWH will not be held liable for personal losses or injuries to participants, models or affiliated personnel except where such loss or injury is due to gross negligence on the part of AFWH.

  • I agree to liaise in advance of the event with the assigned Production Assistant in respect of appropriate music for the show in which my designs will be showcased, and with the designated makeup and hair consultant regarding my desired makeup and hair.

  • I agree to keep all confidential information strictly confidential by using a reasonable degree of care and not disclose any confidential information I receive to any third party.

  • I acknowledge that AFWH reserves the right to either postpone or cancel any function of the entire event in its sole discretion, without any liability for loss incurred thereby. In this event, AFWH will refund all applicable fees.

  • I understand and accept that AFWH reserves the right to review all designs and garments at any time prior to presentation at the designer show to ensure quality and completion, and further has the right to remove any garment or design from presentation if it deems appropriate to do so.

  • I acknowledge that this agreement, along with any other document referred to here, is the entire agreement between the parties (the Designer Applicant and AFWH) and I have read and understood its terms and conditions.  Any right, benefit or obligation due to me under this Agreement is not assignable without the prior written consent of AFWH.

  • The laws of the State of Texas shall be the applicable law of this Agreement.

By completing the application form, I undertake that all information and data provided are true and correct and agree to abide to all terms and conditions and the submission deadlines of the fashion show as stated by AFWH.

B.Divine Creations (2).jpg

B.Divine Creations

B.Divine was birthed out of a desire to see women embrace their beauty from the inside out. Rather than feeling beautiful because of the clothes you wear, let your inner beauty be reflected by the clothes you wear.

Country of origin/country represented: Democratic Republic of Congo


Dorcas Couture

Dorcas Couture was founded in January 2015, by Nadine Hancock in honor of her mom, the late  Dorcas Elaine Gentles, who transitioned home  October 22nd, 2010. As a child  Dorcas passed her love for fashion to Nadine, who as the tender age of 14  attended pattern making classes to learn more about fashion. 

Country of origin/country represented: United States



Beautiful Clothing that is created specifically for the individual Woman. Looking Beautiful is definitely important to a Woman. SkirTisfashion is for you.

Kachi Designs collage.png

Kachi Designs

Established in 2010, Kachi Designs is the brainchild of self-taught designer Chigozie Chi Chi Anaele. Her Nigerian heritage is an essential part of her brand and the creative director creates contemporary and vintage-inspired apparel and accessories influenced by African culture, as evidenced by her use of Ankara. Whether ready to wear or couture, her colourful, eclectic designs appeal to the fun-loving side of every woman and bring life and sophistication to any wardrobe.


Nma Couture

Designer, fashion illustrator and fashion blogger Julie Ihe chose the name Nma (which means ‘beautiful’ in the Igbo language of Nigeria) for her line to encapsulate her ideals of “a perfect blend of dream, imagination, and creativity.” She strives for elegance, ingenuity, and timelessness with every piece, and is known for creating special pieces for her clients for their special occasions, from prom to weddings.

adot design runway.JPG

Adot Design

Ethiopian designer Teshalech Tadesse uses natural fibres from the enset plant (also known as false banana), and woven cotton to make organic, eco-friendly clothing. The results are unique, breathable garments with a bohemian vibe. Inspired by her mother, who grew enset, and her shoemaker father, the fashion entrepreneur also makes fashion and home accessories out dried by product of the everyday Ethiopian crop.



Dangamacin Clothings is an online design label based in New Jersey. Dangamacin clothings has been in existence since 2005. We acquire high quality fashion apparels and modern African inspired fashion with accessories for men, women and children at affordable prices to our customers.

Country of origin/country represented: United States


House of Takura

Designer Annette Njau was born in Sierra Leone but spent much of her life overseas and this heritage influences her lifestyle brand. House of Takura fuses African textiles with western fabric and modern styles to create unique, high-end designs. Takura in the Shona language, largely spoken in Zimbabwe, is derived from the verb "to grow up" or "mature" and for her embodies the desire to accomplish something outstanding in life and do great things for humanity. Her clothing is made in the USA, and the signature travel bags and accessories are made in Kenya. 


Debby Dioda

Deborah Moses Emeto is the MD/CEO of Debby African Stitches based in Abuja, Nigeria. A graduate of Business Administration from the University of Abuja. Debby (as she is fondly called) is an embodiment of talent and her passion for creativity dates back to her childhood.

Country of origin/country represented: Nigeria

Zamarjesty (2).jpg


We are focused on Mensware. From African Attires to casual attires to corporate attires.

Ubaidah_s Haven (3).jpg

Ubaidah's Haven

Hailing from Lagos, Nigeria, fashion designer Yewande Akano now resides in Houston where she creates unique designs for men and women. An entrepreneur, fashion blogger, and a certified cloth maker, she studied fashion and design at Nikky Africana Institute of Fashion Nikky Africana Institute of Fashion Design. The talented creative also counts makeup artistry and hair styling among her many talents.