All about my time at AFWH (African Fashion Week Houston)

So a couple of weeks ago, I had the pleasure of being invited to African Fashion Week Houston that was held here in Houston, Texas. I was so excited & had absolutely no idea what to expect. Let me tell ya’ was fab! From the clothing to the accessories to the amazing fabrics used, there was so much to look at! I wanted so many things it was hard to concentrate. I met some amazing designers, including the creator of Tamris. I loved so many of here items, including on that I wore later on in the weekend.

A Review Of Seven Major African Fashion Week Events Across The Globe

African Fashion Week is a popular fashion industry that allows brands, independent designers, and fashion houses to display their collection in the form of a runway. Just as the name suggests, this event takes a week, each day having a distinct theme or activity. There are very few African fashion week events across the globe. They are used to display the diversity of the different cultures and subcultures in the African continent. All fashion industry participants know what fashion week is all about and what it entails. The following are some of the major African fashion week events located in different locations across the globe. The Seven Major Fashion Week Events

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1. Hub of Africa Fashion Week-


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This amazing African inspired event aims at displaying the beauty of African fashion. This event draws in a wide variety of guests who seek to view the textiles, designs such as the wove cotton and the wax print fabric. It highlights the various global celebrities who appreciate African fashions such as Solange Knowles and Rihanna. Fashion industry participants such as high fashion photographers and fashion journalists attend the event. This shows the great exposure that designers garner up form this event. This Africa based event is worth the wait.

2. African fashion week London (AFWL) –


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This event began in 2011 and has incorporated production by third parties and has had six similar events since then. It has highlighted the African design work of designers from Africa, America, to Europe. It has attracted the attention of the media, professionals in the fashion industry, retailers, and even buyers through parties such as the annual Africa Center Summer Festival and the Mayor of London’s Black History Month.

3. African Fashion week Houston (AFWH) –


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This event displays the intricate and beautiful African designs, aesthetics, and culture through various avenues. The display avenues include catwalks, special campaigns, workshops related to the industry, seminars, and events. The events seek to further African style by supporting the culture and design inspirations.

4. African Fashion week Nigeria (AFWN) –


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This platform helps Nigerian brands, fashion houses, and designers to highlight their work. It aims to promote distribution, manufacturing, and visibility across the globe. The one-week event aims to empower, create jobs, promote creativity, welcome investors, and support the skills and education present in the fashion industry. It incorporates showcasing aspects such as a red carpet showcase, street walk, and a runway catwalk.

5. African Fashion week Amsterdam (AFWA) –


AFWA / Via

This fashion event seeks to outline various designers across the globe, which has gotten style inspiration from African traditions, culture, and designs. They include Saint Laurent, Jean-Paul Gaultier, Marc Jacobs, Cristopher Bailey, Kim Jones, and even Duran Lantik. This event displays both art and designs that are African inspired. For example, in 2017 Duran Lantik displayed photographs of transgender sex workers from South Africa who had been dressed by a renowned Dutch designer.

6. African Fashion Week New York (AFWNY) –



This event aims to shed light on African designs and culture with the aim of creating partnerships that promote the international economy. It boasts of contemporary designs and brands that deal with lifestyle, entertainment, and fashion. For example, in 2017 it highlighted a Senegalese swimsuit designer who used math to make her designs.

7. African Fashion Week Los Angeles (AFWLA)-



This amazing event uses avenues such as pop up shops, industry networking mixers, art exhibitions, runways, and even art exhibitions.

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African Fashion Week Houston and Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week announce new partnership deal to promote fashion designers

African Fashion Week Houston and Nigerian Student Fashion & Design Week announce new partnership deal to promote fashion designers

The special collaboration between African Fashion Week Houston (a major U.S. based international cultural fashion showcase) and the Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week (one of Africa’s top rated fashion showcases dedicated to discovering talented fashion designers), will align together to select two well deserving participants from this year’s Nigerian Student Fashion and Design Week through a special contest that is scheduled to take place in Lagos, Nigeria. 

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